The functions of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics and the volume of data processes have expanded considerably without leaving any field of economic activity in this Union Territory of Puducherry. With an ever increasing demand from policy planners and fast economic operations, prevailing in the socio – economic scenario, the Directorate of Economics and Statistics functions as a catalyst to infuse new life in economic empowerment of the Union Territory. The Directorate is responsible for matters relating to the following activities.

  • Acting as a Nodal agency and Statistical Authority for the development of statistical system in this Territory.
  • Co- ordination of all statistical activities in the Union Territory.
  • Collection, compilation, tabulation and publication of data under Annual Survey of Industries from the factories registered under the Factories Act, 1948.
  • Collection of data on industrial production from selected registered factories and preparation and publication of industrial production indices of the Union Territory.
  • Regular collection, compilation, analysis and interpretation of data pertaining to various sectors of the economy and dissemination of the same to user agencies.
  • Preparation and publication of estimates of the State Domestic Product and preparation of State Income data on an annual basis.
  • Participation in the surveys conducted by the National Sample Survey Organisation (N.S.S.O) on a matching sample basis.
  • Collecting the annual census of government employees of the Union Territory Government / Central Government, Local Bodies and Autonomous Bodies.
  • Preparing the Economic and functional classification of the Union Territory Annual Budget
  • Collection, compilation and submission of housing statistics to the National Building Organisation, New Delhi
  • Collection and compilation of prices of building materials.
  • Dissemination of statistical information for regular / ad-hoc publications.
  • Collection of weekly wholesale and retail prices of essential commodities.
  • Collection of data pertaining to the geographical area of all municipalitie
  • Planning and Organising quinquennial censuses viz.
    • Agricultural Census and
    • Economic Census
  • Supply of statistical data and information to the CSO, NBO, Labour Bureau, Central Organisations , SDES’s, State and Central Government Departments, Semi – Government Organisations, Private Agencies and to Research scholars as per requirements.
  • To act as a storehouse of important statistics collected and maintained by different departments of the State Government.
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