Programmes & Schemes


Under State Plan, DES is implementing only one Plan Scheme viz., “Strengthening of the State Statistical system” and the objective of the scheme is to revamp the statistical system of the DES and make the DES as the focal point for all statistical activities. The Scheme also envisages to undertake evaluation of plan schemes and all activities to speed up the process of collection and generation of grass root level information of all Socio-Economic activities in the Union Territory of Puducherry.


The Directorate is implementing the following Centrally sponsored Schemes :

1) Agriculture Census : Aims at collection of quantitative information on structure of agriculture activities on quinquennial basis using the operational holding as the unit of enumeration.

2) Timely Reporting Scheme : To derive reliable estimates of area under principal crops at the end of each crop season i.e Khariff, Rabi-I and Rabi –II and also the estimates of production of principal crops.

3) Improvement of Crop Statistics :- To improve the quality of collection of crop statistics

4) Economic Census : Aims at collection of information from the unorganized segments of the non-agricultural sectors of the State’s economy on quinquennial basis.

5) Support for Statistical strengthening :(Basic Statistics for Local Level Development (BSLLD)and SSSP) To collect basic statistics relating to the available infrastructure and other resources at village level. 6) Urban Statistics for HR Assessment : Under the scheme USHA, efforts are undertaken for collection and compilation of building construction statistics in the U.T. of Puducherry. Prices of building materials on quarterly basis is regularly collected from all the four regions and forwarded to NBO and U.T user agencies.

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