a)Central and State Government Ministries / Departments
b)Bankers and Financial Institutions such as Reserve Bank of India, National Agricultural Bank for Rural Development, Lead Banks etc.
c) Research Scholars / Academicians / Planning and Policy makes
d) National and International Libraries and Research Organisations.

2. What are the particulars available to citizen for obtaining information ?
(i) Office Library (ii) Statistical Publications / Reports (iii) System of issuing copies of Publications on payment of the cost prescribed vide Chapter 2 (iv) Printed materials / Statement on payment of the cost prescribed vide Chapter 2and 4. (v) Website of the Public authority (vi) Advertisements made on specific Statistical Programmes / schemes.

3. What are the information available in an electronic form ?
The data / information on statistical activities are hosted in the Departmental Website at free of cost. Directorate of Economics and Statistics has got its own web portal through gov.in domain and in house maintenance and updation https://statistics.py.gov.in/

4. Who is the Public Relation Officer of the Directorate?
Joint Director (Head of the Office) is nominated as Public Relation Officer so as to make available the statistical information on various sectors to the Public/data users. This Directorate has limited public interaction. Joint Director (Head of the Office) is also nominated as redressal Officer of grievance of staff of this Directorate and the Public.

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