Citizen Charter - Introduction

The Citizen’s Charter contains performance and Progress on the Vision – Mission – Goals – Services and Field activities on Data Collection, co-ordination, collation and dissemination within and outside the Union Territory

This Directorate was set up in 1957 with the nomenclature Bureau of Economics and Statistics.

  • Functions as State Statistical Authority and Nodal Agency.
  • Serves as a focal point of information for formulation of necessary policies and perspective Planning by the administration on various topics/subject matters.
  • Acts under the guidance of Central Statistical Organisation – National Sample Survey Organisations – National Buildings Organisation – New Delhi, and Labour Bureau Simla for implementing the Central Schemes and National Surveys.
  • Keeps close liaison with various Union Ministries and implements Centrally Sponsored Schemes as per their directives.
  • Controls the Regional Offices at Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam.
  • Renders effective database in management and information networking services to the user agencies through modern communication gadgets.
  • Statistical techniques drastically improved and simplified over the past decades.
  • Uses extensively of Digital modes – Kiosk touch screen – Mini-printing facility for efficient and timely data submission to Government and other organisation/Agencies.
  • Consists both statistical data collection wing and Dissemination and Monitoring Wing with the following responsibilities.
  1. Estimation of State Domestic Product
  2. Collection of Agricultural Statistics
  3. Collection of Price Statistics
  4. Conduct Socio-Economic Surveys including Evaluation Studies.
  5. Compilation of Indices relating to Industries and
  6. Dissemination of standardised data on various official statistics through periodical publications.
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