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Agriculture Section:

  • Collection, compilation and dissemination of Agriculture Statistics covering all the four regions of this territory with quantitative information and qualitative charts/diagrams.
  • Estimation of area under important crops during each crop season viz. Khariff, Rabi I and Rabi II and also estimation of production of important crops (Timely Reporting Scheme).
  • To maintain Quality and reliable area and yield statistics under Improvement of Crop Statistics.

Price Statistics:

  • Regular collection of wholesale and retail prices of essential commodities in the Puducherry and Karaikal markets every week and observes daily prices for sending reports to the Government of India and State Government.

The data users/Departments are given below:

  1. Puducherry Agro Services and Industries Corporation
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Consumer Federation
  5. Marketing Society
  6. Puducherry State Fishermen Co-operative Federation Ltd,.
  7. Reserve Bank of India, Chennai.

Director of Economics and Statistics has been nominated as the State Co-ordinator for overall supervision of the Price Collection Centres of the State.

Socio-Economic Survey Division:

As directed by the National Sample Survey Organisation the socio-economic surveys are carried out every year on rounds basis by this Directorate. Data, thus collected in each round are used for plan formulation and policy making.

State Income Unit:

Estimation of State Domestic Product as well as publication of annual estimates of products of various sectors of economy and Per capita income to determine both the absolute and relative performance of the economy of the state and serves as an indicator to measure the growth of economy of the territory.

Annual Survey of Industries and Index of Industrial Production:

To provide information on the changes in the growth, composition and structure of organised manufacturing factory sector, repair and services, generation and transmission of electricity, gas and water supply undertakings and cold storage.

The Annual survey is conducted every year and Report thereon is prepared at state level.

The Index number of Industrial production prepared by the Directorate is the most up-to-date indicator of Industrial Growth of the State Economy.

Official Statistics:

Data from Government Departments/Offices and organisations and private service agencies are collected every year and furnished in the publication viz. "Abstract of Statistics" which serves as a reference book for planning and assessing the growth of this territory.

Census of Government Employees, Housing and Building Statistics, Data at Municipal limits are collected every year and published.

Statistical personnel are deputed to Training courses organised by Government of India at National Level. Moreover, the in-service Training to the Lower Level staff is organised to improve the efficiency and ensure availability of qualitative data.

Utilization of the Computer facilities can be seen from our publications brought out regularly with voluminous data. About fourteen publications are published by this Directorate periodically

Name of the Publications:

  1. Abstract of Statistics (Annual)
  2. Hand Book of Statistics (Annual)
  3. Puducherry at a Glance (Annual)
  4. Season and Crop Report (Annual)
  5. Budget in Brief (Annual)
  6. Economic – cum – purpose classification (Annual)
  7. Annual Administration Report (Annual)
  8. Public Bulletin (Monthly)
  9. Census of Government Employees (Annual)
  10. Agriculture Census Report (Quinquennial)
  11. Economic Census Report (Quinquennial)
  12. Annual Survey of Industries (Annual)
  13. Index Number on Industrial Production (Annual)
  14. Input Survey Report (Quinquennial)
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